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Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide Duel Links – Tips and Tutorials

In this Guide to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links will show you tutorials, tips and tricks from all sections of the Konami game.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide Duel links

We started building this Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links hack in which we will be updating with the most relevant contents, everything necessary so that novice as well as experienced players can enjoy to the maximum of the experience for mobile that offers us Konami.

We will be adding sections and tutorials in the coming days, but we start with the most important thing:

First steps in the game : First of all we take a tour of the main sections and functionalities of the game, so that they become familiar and know where to start.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide Duel Links – Characters

How to unlock all the characters ? Following the link, you can see all the requirements to play with any of the characters in the game. Both those that are unblocked by levels as those that are obtained fulfilling certain requirements

All skills : Each character has unique abilities. Some are achieved by exceeding one level and others by dropping. In the link you can see them all, sorted by character.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide Duel Links – Letters

Types of Letters : What should we look for to analyze a letter? What types of cards are there? These and many other answers related to the cards of the game will be solved in the link.

Gemini monsters : They are one of the innovations introduced by Konami. Some monsters with very interesting effects available in the cambiacarta. Here you can know a little more about them.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Guide Duel Links – Objects

The gems : They are something like the game currency, so we will need them a lot. In the tutorial we explain all the methods to obtain them, as much of payment, as of course free, since by playing also you can get many.

Clash Royale Tips Tricks And Hacks

clash royale tips tricks and hacks

About Clash Royale

Developed by Finnish studio Supercell network game battle with the elements of MOBA, set in the universe of one of the largest mobile bestseller – Clash of Clans. Just as there, the game takes on the ruler, whose ambitions go far beyond the borders of their own kingdom. Fun in the game Clash Royale comes down and turning another network duels with other players, whose aim is to overthrow the enemy king.

Skirmishes were completed in simplified form up and take place in small arenas, coming fully on the smartphone or tablet. In the course of the battle ship to designated paths offensive unit, while ensuring the security of their lands through various spells and units and defenses. The whole is complemented by elements of card games, and the time between fights spend on completing the strongest possible a deck of cards, representing individual units or shares (eg. Spellcasting).

Clash Royale Hack And Cheats

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Some More Tips and Tricks For Clash Royale : Video