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In this post we have  published Castle Creeps TD tips and tricks  . You can download this beautiful app from Team Outplay Entertainment Ltd free of charge at both Appstore  and  Play Store  .

Bring forth their daily heroes and strengthen your defense and prepare for the kingdom of wild warlords, colossal ogres, and wild goblins!
It’s also really a challenge! And to help you cross the missions and get the most out of the game, I have some Castle Creeps tips and tricks for you. This is a complete strategy guide that will be especially good for beginners!

Castle Creeps TD Tips & Tricks:

Tower management and placement

Now this is a little more difficult to talk about because each level allows for different placements for the towers and during the game come different types of enemies. However, there are always a few strategies that you should consider when it comes to tower management and placement:

  • To use the infantry towers and place them so that the dwarves stop incoming enemies where several towers strike them
  • (Preferably at least two).
  • Do not forget to change the rally point of the foot unit by tapping the infantry tower and then the flag button
  • Arch and magic towers normally work as a pair for the Infantry Tower, in spite of what you would normally think. The cannon should be left a little bit because it is slow and quite useless against fast single units.

If you know more Castle Creeps TD, then you can share it with us to publish it. So we can help other players. I wish you lots of fun with Castle Creeps TD.

Castle Creeps TD Tips and Tricks Video

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